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Movavi Photo Editor 3.3.0

Straightforward yet comprehensive tool to edit and enhance your photographs
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Those who do not want to learn all the complexities of a professional image editor but still want to improve and enhance their photo collection and get pro-like results can always turn to Movavi Photo Editor as a quick and efficient way of doing it. Its well-structured and clear interface, together with a long list of helpful profiles and presets, provide a simple editing process and rewarding results.

Divided into eight clearly tabbed sections, this image-editing tool will let you adjust your images, add effects to them, change their orientation, crop them, add text, resize them, and remove either an unwanted object or the entire background. All of these operations are very easy to perform, and some of them count with a set of profiles to make things even easier.

Thus, the Adjust function allows you not only to change the brightness, contrast, saturation, temperature, tint, exposure, sharpness, or highlights values manually (among other adjustment options), but it also comes with “Magic Enhance”, a button that will perform all of those changes for you in just one click. The Effects tab works entirely on presets – classic, artistic, textures, and color filters. Likewise, Crop and Resize combine both manual adjustments with a set of useful preset dimensions.

Together with the option to add text to your images, Object and Background Removal are two functions that cannot be fully automated. Here you have to decide which objects you want the program to remove or which will remain once the background is gone, and mark them accordingly. Once marked using the brushes, lassos, wands, erasers, etc., that the program provides, it will do the hard part of the job for you in a snap and with a level of precision that will surely surprise you. The results are certainly of a high quality. Removed backgrounds may also be easily replaced with a different image or a solid color within the Background Removal tab.

Movavi Photo Editor perfectly combines the high quality of all Movavi’s media tools with a simplicity of use that allows novice or not-so-skilled users to achieve the same pro-looking results that usually only complex professional tools can provide. The resulting images can be saved in any of the most common image file formats, from TIFF to JPEG, and from BMP to PCX. If in need of batch editing functions or if you want to make a slideshow with your retouched photos, you'll need to upgrade to Movavi Photo Studio.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Presets and profiles for one-click processes
  • Well-structured interface
  • High-quality results
  • Removes objects and background


  • Basic editing functions
  • Doesn't support RAW images
  • No batch editing
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